Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

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🌿We are so lucky to have this beautiful extra virgin olive oil which comes directly from Greece to our friends barn here in West Dorset! Refilling glass bottles hundreds of times over is so much more sustainable than sending glass bottles to recycling!

Here's what she says about the oil;

"We import this lively Greek olive oil direct from the best known oil region in Greece – you may know it as the area of Kalamata oil. The area to the west of Kalamata is Messinia, and our oil comes from a small village press, just a few miles inland from the town of Pylos. We bring it directly to our barn in West Dorset, and have no bottling or labeling costs, selling to local outlets in barrels which the public then help themselves to in either the bottles we can provide, or their own containers. It has a very low acidity, making it exceptionally light and therefore very healthy, and it has a pungent and very defined taste. Perfect for every culinary requirement, including dressings for salads (or as the Greeks do, just pouring onto salads with salt and pepper), frying chips, sauces, roasting and everything else you need oil for in your kitchen!" 🌿 Philippa Theophanidis

98p/100ml available in increments of 100ml.

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