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how to shop online with us

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  1. Crates
    Source a cardboard/plastic crate. These can be found at a number of greengrocers and supermarkets as you’ll be assigned two crates in rotation.

  2. Containers
    When we deliver your first order we will pick up your "home" crate with your containers you would like us to refill for your next delivery. Please label them accordingly, however if you’d prefer we can issue your order in paper bags, which you can reuse as much as possible, before adding them to your compost bin. Which containers will you use? We cannot take any large kilner/glass jars, but instead welcome your cloth bags, 300ml glass jars and plastic containers. We will also need to pick up your household refill containers (laundry liquid/washing up liquid etc) in your home crate too for your next delivery.

  3. Liquid Refills
    As we will not have your liquid refill containers for your first order, we can only fulfill this with the second and consecutive orders. It’s handy to retain any extra refill containers, so you can have two in rotation.

  4. Safe Place
    In the checkout please let us know where is a safe sheltered place to leave your crate/collect your home crate for the next delivery if you will not be home. We cannot be held responsible for wet weather/pests once we have left your crate in your designated place of choice.

  5. Delivery Slots
    Check delivery days on our page Where to find us.

  6. Order Timings

    Orders can be placed up to 24 hours prior to your delivery slot. Any cancellations or amendments to your order must also be made no later than 24 hours prior to delivery

  7. Minimum Spend
    PLEASE NOTE we have a minimum order spend of £10 for deliveries. Your order WILL NOT BE DELIVERED for orders less than £10 and a full refund will be issued.

  8. Order Collections from our van
    We have two collection slots available, in Burton Bradstock and Maiden Newton every Tuesday. You can order your shopping online and select which stop you would like to collect it from. The times are available on our schedule found on Where to find us. The collection order charge is £2.

  9. Delivery Charges
    Deliveries to Bridport & local vicinity are £3, other delivery slots are £5.